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One-Stop Complete House Renovation

One Stop Full House Renovation Sungai Petani Penang Island

New House looking for ONE CONTRACTOR to settle all renovation or
Old-House looking to carry-out major re-modelling and re-renovation work?
YES, here we are and you should look for us.
Well-Experience Contractor can save you a-lot of Time & Cost,
Deliver and Handover The Best Result for you.

For Full House Residential Renovation, we have team and major in:-
1. Wiring work
2. Tiling work
3. Plaster Ceiling work
4. Custom-made Cabinet work
5. Space Planning & Layout work

We have cover work for below Residential Type:-
1. Single-Storey House
2. Double-Storey House
3. Terrace House
4. Town-House
5. Condominium
6. Apartment

Carry-Out Necessary Work First

Wetwork House Extension and Construction

What if you only want do some area / some part renovation for your house at the moment;
or you have Budget Concern and want to spend at most important work first;

That is totally fine and don’t worry about that.
A lot of customer we deal with have do in this way either for some reason like:-
1. Budget Control
2. Renovate Master Bedroom for Wedding purpose
3. Renovate Kitchen area which is the important area for him / her
4. Renovate Living Hall & Dining Hall due to major time family member will spend in this area

Mostly which area most customer will renovate first?
1. Kitchen area (for Cooking purpose)
2. Living Hall area (for Guest / Family Member gathering purpose)
3. Master Bedroom / Bedroom (for Relax & Sleeping purpose)
4. Study Room (for Work-from-Home purpose)

What work will come for Priority when talk about Partially Renovation? 
Even you don’t plan to spend a-lot in Renovation, but below work you might need to take consideration first if you plan want do in future
1. Hacking / Concealing / Dismantle work
2. Cement work
3. Wiring & Piping work
4. Plaster Ceiling work

First Impression for Your Customer

Cafe Renovation Commercial Renovation Penang

Elegant & Attractive Renovation can increase your shop exposure and thus can increase customer flow

Imagine if your shop is without proper space planning and renovation work:
Will your customer willing to walk-in when see from outside?
Will your customer willing to pay more for the product or service?
Will your customer will feel comfortable and be attracted?

Have Renovation is the key point in business whether your can target High-End Customer or Low-End Customer

We are capable to handle:-
1. Retail Shop Renovation
2. Café / Coffee Shop Renovation
3. Budget Hotel Renovation
4. Office Renovation

Most Important Part To Bring Soul For Your House

Cabinet Carpentry Sungai Petani and Penang Island

Wooden Cabinet is the favorite material for most customer is because of Wood is a thing of nature and our ancient use it to build a lot of thing since era

We own a Cabinet Factory to fabricate any kind of cabinet design based on request
A House without a cabinet cannot call A House … because totally no “SOUL” 

What we can fabricate in factory:-
01. Kitchen Cabinet (Wet Kitchen | Dry Kitchen)
02. Tv Console
03. Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinet
04. Bedroom Bed Head Panel
05. Bedroom Bed Frame (Single | Queen Size | King Size)
06. Dressing Table
07. Shoes Cabinet
08. Partition Panel or Pillar Design
09. Study Table & Study Cabinet
10. Display Cabinet
11. Storage Cabinet
12. Staircase Cabinet
13. Laundry Room Cabinet
14. Altar Cabinet
15. Any Custom-made Cabinet (You Name It)

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