Bubble Tea Café Interior Design & Renovation

Bubble Tea Café Concept Design & Renovation at Butterworth Prai, Penang. Is located at most of the famous place in Raja Uda surrounding by huge population, Asian Café, Western Food Café, Steamboat, Starbuck, Schools, Hotels and etc. The location is very strategically and a lot of young people hang out here at Afternoon Time and Dinner Time for relaxing and chit chat friend everyday.

Bubble Tea or Coffee

Originating in Taiwan, this milk-based treat has delighted the world for a number of years. Always containing tapioca pearls, it can be made plain, fruity, or with flavored syrups and seasonings. It can even be made with coffee instead of black or green tea. It is a cold, creamy drink that refreshes and delights.

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Bubble Tea Café


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